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FlawedTape is a FREE mixtape released by A Man Called Jason. This is his FINAL mixtape (last of eight solo musical projects). This FREE mixtape focuses on the state of today’s culture, mental health, embracing flaws and celebrating life. It also addresses the retirement from a 20-year tenure in rap. FlawedTape also serves as the official soundtrack to Flawed Culture (the brand). This FREE mixtape features FEDEL, SeanISrael, L. DeJuan, Thrill of TwoThree, iamDes, RoTunez, Huppsound, Jamez Evanz, AGenius, Christian and Breezy as well as production by  various producers. The goal of this FREE mixtape is to inspire the people embrace the flaws and create masterpieces, while living with their truth self.

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NOTE: Track 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 12 all have interludes at the end of the track, so…yeah.

Retirement Speech

I can’t believe the time is actually here! Retirement! I can finally close this chapter in my life. I remember when I first started rapping. I didn’t even consider it. I always wanted to be the person in the cyphers doing the beatboxing. Then one day, sophomore year in college, I walked in on a writing session. They just played a beat and wrote lyrics. I said to myself “why not?” So I grabbed a sheet of paper and went to work…quickly. I looked up and everyone else was still writing while I was done. I guess my understanding of rhythm and bars from my marching band days as well as my poetry writing in high school paid off.

Anywho, I have quite a few people to thank, but I’m more than positive that I’m going to forget someone. When you’ve been in this thing for 20 years, you’ve meet a lot of people who helped along the way. If you’re one of those people, and I forget you, GOOD! Sike, I apologize in advance.

First, I would like to thank God. He gave me the love for music and the ability to create. I’m sure you heard the last track, right? I literally owe Him my life. Thank you God!

Secondly, my wife (and semi-secondly, my kids). My wife met me in my 3rd year of rapping and has been with me since! (Especially when I tried to retire in the past..like a million times. LOL!) She allowed me to record all of these mixtapes in our home, while keeping the kids at bay. I owe you my life as well.

Third, I would like to thank my momma. Again, if you heard the last track, you’ll know a fraction of why I love this woman. She first introduced me to music. Known for her soloist singing career in Philly, I had no choice, huh? lol Love you momma!

Fourthly…(ok, I’ma stop numbering these things. lol) I would like to thank my brother Richard. Yes, my mom introduced me to music, but my brother introduced me to rap/hip hop. I remember when he had the boombox and play Run DMC and LL Cool J. It shut me up. Ha! This toddler was all ears. Then you groomed me into my hip hop taste by constantly playing A Tribe Called Quest. Thank YOU!

Geesh, this is getting long. Lemme wrap this up. I would like to thank Tony Gabaton, and Jeric, and Kermit as well as REACTION for giving me the platform. I joined the rap group in 1999 and red-shirted, lol. I didn’t know I was a rapper. I wanted to produced, but 4 other people did too and they all had beat machines…and I didn’t…so I waited and observed. When I saw y’all write in the room that next year, and I found out I could rap…maaaaaaaaaaan, I hopped on EVERY song. LOL!

I wanna give a shoutout to Regis, my college roommate and forever big bro! Shoutout to Co-Twice! She kept me on my toes. It was like being in a group with Lauryn Hill, except Co was on time. lol! Humongous shoutout to Ronnie. Like HUMONGOUS. I say that because I learned so much from him about the studio like, how to record, how to mix, what to listen for, what verse to redo because it lacked energy, how to stack vocals, how to do ad libs… Yeah man, no wonder you’re a Grammy Award winning producer!

Shoutout to D. Teasley! You sharpened my lyrical skills like no other. My lyrical coach.

Shoutout to every feature on this mixtape! Some of y’all made me nervous with the deadlines, but we made it happen, and it turned out FIRE! Des, my guy! Keep killing it! A. Genius, you are what your name says. I know whenever you’re on a track with me, I have to put you last. Ro! Big brother! Maaaaaan you 100% from the field. Clutch on the mic. Jamez Evanz (like the name change!) You are big bro too! I appreciate you sir. FEDEL! Broooooooooo. Your grind and growth is UNMATCHED! I was there from the beginning. You proved them wrong! Most importantly, you proved yourself right. Salute! Hupp! My dude! Super-Producer AND rapper! Glad I was finally able to get you to do both with me! You’re as solid as they come. Sean! BODY BAG EVERYTHING! Salute to you my VA bro! What you do in and out of the booth is amazing. DeJuan! Man! I believe I met you when you were in elementary school. You inspire me big time with your consistency and drive. It’s beautiful to see you grow! Thank you all a BILLION times. Seriously. What a way to end it!

Shoutout to Hope Point Church and all of the wonderful people that I view as family! Love you guys!!

Shoutout to honorary siblings: Carter aka Young Oprah! We are practically blood related. You in the will somewhere. Christian! First of all, you KILLED it on the track, and secondly, I’m beyond honored that we met. Keep grinding! Rob aka BreezyStrong! You are one of the most strong-willed, aspirational, and unselfish individuals I’ve ever met. It must run in the family because Kris (despite his pettiness) have those same qualities. Love y’all! Paul Dube, Akeel, Xavier, Hammett, Kirk O’Brien, Tony Wilson…man, I feel like I’m forgetting a million people. Ugh. Oh…

Last but not least at all…thank you to The Commission: Larry the Don! One of my longest-tenured friends/brothers. We like Tigga and Cam’Ron, lol. (inside joke). Laurent, we met as boys, but seeing us grow into men together has been a huge help in my life. Just seeing you aspire to be a better human, and constantly doing self-evaluations is hugely underrated. You are amazing! To my partner in rhyme, Thrill. You are more than just that, but if I went on, this speech would a novel. Lol! You are the mentor that I’ve been looking for, despite the fact that you see me as your peer. Oh! I’m glad we could do that Change or Die remix! I’m DONE with solo projects and mixtapes…BUT, there’s literally only ONE condition that I would rap again, and Thrill knows what that condition is.

Anywho, thank you to everyone! Mamba Out. Well…I’m not Kobe, but…you get the picture. *mic drop*

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  1. Le'Chelle Williams

    Oh…my…goshhhh!!! Curtis, I am so very proud of you! This mixtape gave me all the feels: I laughed, cried, danced, smiled…this mixtape is so raw;authentic. You are truly gifted! You are a fighter, an overcomer, victorious…so blessed to have been able to witness this project! Keep striving for greatness!

    Big Sis,

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